"Where do I begin?! Wow! Maggie truly gives an incredible experience. She picked the most awesome make up artist (shout out, Abbey!) to make you feel glam. She helped me find the most perfect pieces for my shoot so we could create a story. During the shoot I appreciated her eye for the little things. Everything from a minor rug move, to hair, even to the toe pop. She really makes you feel comfortable to just move your body and experience how angles that might feel uncomfortable, look stunning! Finally, the reveal! I mean, why don’t more women do this for themself?! I have never felt so powerful, bad ass and beautiful as I did seeing those images. **chefs kiss** Freakin 5 stars for Maggie and what she can do with that camera! She truly sees the beauty in us all!"


I created The Delicate Studio to celebrate all women. No matter what stage of your life you're in, I want to capture exactly who you are, in this moment.

I'm Maggie...

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